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Welcome to the 3WG Headquarters website. Please select a menu option from the left or a quick link from above.

Accessing Travel Itineraries

In order to access travel itineraries as published from time to time, you need to first log into the webpage using CadetOne OpenAccess, accessable from the OpenAccess icon on the bottom left of the page. Once logged in, you will find the Travel Menu on the left of the page. Click on the Travel Itineraries to find the itineraries.

Adult Member Application Packs - Updated 03 June 2014

Adult Member Application Packs - Updated: Tue 03 June 2014

NOTICE 1: Due to issues with DEFPAC, new Instructor or Officer applications will no longer need to complete the DEFPAC forms prior to appointment. Instead these forms will be provided to the applicant after being appointed as a staff member.

320FLT Fieldcraft Equipment Available to Squadrons

320FLT holds stores of fieldcraft equipment at Lidcombe. These are available for loan to Squadrons for fieldcraft activities. A list of those items is attached. If you would like to borrow any of this equipment contact the FLTCDR 320FLT (

TR66 Explained

Not sure on how to fill out a TR66 (Parent Consent Form)? Then take a look at these 2 documents prepared to give the upper hand in filling it in correctly.

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